Original ABUS Diskus 28/70 Keyed Different, Made in Germany

Original ABUS Diskus 28/70 Keyed Different, Made in Germany

Code: ABUS-28-70-KD



Product Description


ABUS is the premier padlock manufacturer worldwide. These locks are made in Germany. High-quality workmanship all around. These people love padlocks (hard to understand, I know).

These locks are EXCLUSIVE. They have a keyway that is not sold by any other reseller or ABUS itself in the USA. That means that no one can just walk up to a Walmart or Locksmith and have a replacement key made without your knowledge. Every Key has the same number engraved on it. If you give us this number we can always provide replacement keys or more locks - exclusive to you!

Key control is the biggest problem when it comes to locks, so having the peace of mind that no one can just get a replacement key made at the local hardware store is huge and will save a lot of $$$ down the road, when you do not have to throw your locks away because you lost track of who has a key.

You are buying high-security features at a commodity price!

Main Features of the lock:

  • Original Diskus with great shackle protection
  • Many internal design features to prevent any "smart attacks" trying to open the lock without a key 
  • Deep welding technology to make it impossible to pry the lock appart or ripping the cylinder out
  • Hardened steel shackle with over 3/8" diameter with very little exposure making cutting the shackle almost impossible.
  • 5-pin precision cylinder with anti-picking pins
  • Made in Germany
  • Lifetime Warranty by ABUS

Outside dimensions for each lock (see pictures to locate the dimensions of the lock):

Width [a]: 2 3/4"

Horizontal clearance [b]: 3/4"

Vertical clearance [c]: 11/16"

Shackle diameter [d]: 25/64" (slightly over 3/8" diameter)

Depth [e]: 1-1/16"

Height [f]: 2-3/4"

Weight [lbs]: 0.55 lbs

For our customers in California: Please observe the proposition 65 warning for this product: WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defect or other reproductive harm.