PS Locks Solo 125 Electronic Furniture Lock Set

PS Locks Solo 125 Electronic Furniture Lock Set

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Product Description


The PS Locks SOLO 125 electronic furniture lock set is used on wooden or glass doors, drawers and sliding doors and fastened to the respective door or panel on the inside. Not visible from the outside, the SOLO 125 lock is then operated with key cards, key fobs or key stickers. Connect this primary lock (SOLO 125) via cable with Solo Secondary locks to have multiple openings at the same time (great for a set of drawers).

The RFID reading range with 125 kHz frequency and battery life depends on the technology used and the quality of the key units (cards, fobs, stickers, bracelets) or battery used. Typically 25,000 openings or 5 years battery life and approx 7/8" read distance for key cards and approx. 3/4" read distance for fobs and stickers. The LATCH 74 is recommended for cabinet doors and drawers and the LATCH 75 is recommened for sliding doors. Easily retrofitted.  

Applications include: retail glass cabinets and display cases, hospital supply cabinets and staff lockers, office file and desk drawers, school student lockers and club visitor lockers, priviate home liquor cabinets, closet drawers, concealed doors and drawers.

All locks come with a 5 year warranty and are made in Austria.

The Solo 125 Electronic Furniture Lock Set includes:

  • 1 SOLO Electronic Lock (SOLO 125 or SOLO 125+ compatible with gym mode or alarm function)
  • 1 Adjustable Latch (LATCH74 or LATCH75)
  • 2  Keys (KEYCARD 125, KEYFOB 125, or KEYSTICKER 125)
  • 1  Programming Card (PROCARD 125)
  • 1 Battery CR123A
  • 6 Screws (Screwset SOLO)

Additional features:
  • Access control for up to 49 RFID keys
  • EM4102 / EM4200 RFID technology
  • Software: BOLT (Does not lock automatically, but with the card)
  • Software: GYM (Free choice of lockers)
  • Software: ALARM (An alarm appears if the door is not closed)
SOLO 125Furniture lock with trap function, locks automatically after three seconds125 KHz
SOLO 125 +For applications with ALARM or GYM125 KHz