Steinlock, Inc was founded in 2016 by Jennifer and Raphael Steinbach in Harrisonburg Virginia, USA with the promise to bring the best padlock security to the United States.
Steinlock helps you choose the right padlock for your application and guarantees a unique keyway in your area. No more worries about someone down the road having the same key. Clear recommendations of rigorously tested products paired with free same day shipping is at the center of Steinlock.

Locksmiths are the most important local security experts that consumers and businesses turn to. In order to spread good security products wider and faster we decided in the beginning of 2017 to expand our services to supply locksmiths with some innovative products.
We saw the need for locksmiths to have personal professional support for some of the new products that are available to them. It can be very overwhelming to run a small business and relate to huge manufacturers with many weeks of lead time or distributors who know very little about the product.
Our main focus is the East Coast and the Great Lakes area since we can provide good shipping and support here.
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