Burg Wachter Karat Stainless Steel Burglary Protection Electronic Code w/ Fingerprint Safe

Burg Wachter Karat Stainless Steel Burglary Protection Electronic Code w/ Fingerprint Safe

Code: 160504



Product Description


The Burg Wachter Karat safe is an exceptional safe providing excellent protection against fire, theft and attack. Engineered in Germany. Resistance Grade 0, certified theft and fire protection.

Theft Protection

The Karat consists of a triple walled body with an outer hardened stainless-steel wall, making the safe flame cutting resistant.  The double-walled door has additional armoring consisting of a thick plate of special 7 mm Siemens-Martin steel ensuring a high level of protection and security. Square locking bolts on three sides, with the top and bottom bolts protected by integrated steel rollers, provides considerable protection from opening by prying or cutting attacks. For added security, each bolt has a thermal, puncture-proof, emergency locking system in front of it to protect the safe from drilling and flame cutting attacks. The Karat safe can be firmly anchored to the floor or wall using the provided anchoring hardware inhibiting the safe from being moved.

Fire Protection

The Karat has fire protective material in the body and door, with a special fire-fold for added protection. Thanks to its fire-resistant material and a surrounding fire-breaking seal in the body, the inside of the safe warms slowly in the event of a fire. Your documents, cash, firearms and other valuables are protected for a greater period of time.

At a glance: the BURG-WÄCHTER furniture safe Karat

  • Type tested security, supervised by the ECB•S/VdS
  • Resistance grade 0 (N)
  • Fire-proof, certified protection against burglary according to EN 1143-1
  • Fire-resistant material according to DIN 4102-A1, body with surrounding fire-breaking seal
  • Triple-walled body, outer stainless-steel material against flame-cutting
  • Double-walled door with additional reinforcement, door plate of 7 millimeters thick SM steel
  • Locking system on three sides through strong square bolts, door bolts on the top and on the bottom with integrated steel roller. Extreme protection against drilling, flame-cutting and break-ins.
  • Protective armoring of the lock
  • Ready for anchoring to a back wall and/or floor; a drilled hole in the middle of the backwall and one in the middle of the bottom wall. Anchoring hardware provided. Anchoring ensures high resistance against displacement.
  • Continuous support rail on the hinge side
  • An adjustable shelf, standard file depth
  • Finish in platinum grey
  • Available in two sizes: MT 640 standard and MT 660 large
  • Available in two styles: Keyed lock (K) and Electronic lock with Fingerprint (E FP)

 Electronic Karat - modern electronic lock with Fingerprint

The modern electronics of the safe “SecuTronic” TRSE 12 H FP combines security and comfort. The Electronic Karat opens with code or fingerprint. The touch-sensitive keypad with graphic display is sloped guaranteeing an ideal top view. The keypad activates and lights up when you brush over the keypad surface – no more struggling to find the ON button. To open the safe, you can program up to 10 six-digit user codes and up to 20 fingerprints, along with your own administrative code. The safe also stores the opening history which can be viewed on the display at any time.

The Electronic Karat with Fingerprint provides blocking time, opening delay, connection to alarm system for increased security

The “SecuTronic” TRSE 12 H FP comes with an opening delay (max. 99 minutes) option, allowing a delay from when the code is entered to when the safe unlocks. A blocking time is activated after entering three wrong codes deterring burglars from trying multiple codes. Optionally, the Karat electronic safe with fingerprint can be connected to an alarm system.

Model E FP (electronic lock with fingerprint scanner)
  • ECB•S certified (class B)
  • Identification of real fingers “Fake Finger Detection”
  • Up to 10 six-digit user codes
  • Up to 20 fingerprints
  • Modern electronics with graphic display and touch-sensitive interface (with lighting)
  • Sloping display for ideal user-friendliness
  • Extra security: opening adjustable delay (max. 99 minutes)
  • Software updates with SD card
  • Opening history can be read on the display
  • Menu in 12 languages
  • Easy to change batteries (batteries included)
  • Lock armature protrudes 20 mm




H x W x D (in)


H x W x D (in)


H x W (in)


Weight (lb.) 


(cubic ft.)

Locking system

MT 640 E FP

13.4 x 17 x 15.4

9.8 x 13.7 x 11.5

9.8 x 13



Code and fingerprint

MT 660 E FP

20.9 x 17 x 15.4

17 x 13.7 x 11.5

17 x 13



Code and fingerprint