Burg Wachter Extra Large Fire and Burglary Protection CombiLine Safe CL 60 S, Open with Key

Burg Wachter Extra Large Fire and Burglary Protection CombiLine Safe CL 60 S, Open with Key

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Product Description


Combi-Line fire safes offer certified security to ECB.S S2 (EN 14450) which is recognised by the Association of Insurance Surveyors. Fire protection is certified to LFS 30 P (EN15659) for 30 minutes of fire protection.
  • Double walled construction with additional fire-proof insulation (according to DIN 14102)
  • Composite door construction provides heat protection for the door and bolts
  • Large 1" locking bolts with sliding top bolt offer additional security
  • CL 60 models are suitable for the storage of A4 documents, files and very bulky valuable items, e.g. your Stanley Cup. One shelf is included for better utilisation of the interior space
  • Two keys and mounting hardware included

The combiline safe combines fire protection with burglary protection. That is a very rare combination and really what you should be looking for. Fire and breaking into the safe are the two biggest concerns for most people. There are safes that do fire protection really well, but do not protect your valuables during a break-in, because they have vulnerabilities that do not make them secure against simple drilling, a small crowbar and the like. 

The combiline safe reached a security rating in Germany and the rest of Europe against the most stringent standards. At the same time it has a fire rating of 30 min - that means at 30 min the fire can be raging at the highest temperatures without papers in the safe catching fire. That is usually more than enough time for the fire department to put out the fire, even if it started in the very room that the safe was in.

Lock has over 1,000,000 key differs. The legendary Burg Wachter locking mechanism cannot be picked and is extremely secure. Almost know one can even duplicate this high precision keys.


Extra Large size, enough to put many folders of legal size papers in. Perfect for valuables like watches, cash, hard disk drives, iPad, handgun or ammo. Will fit a larger laptop through the door as well (28" height, which is enough for a 17.3" screen diagonal laptop to fit in under normal circumstances if you tilt it a bit.) This size is perfect if you have many different items and documents that you want to store and keep organized. An example is if people have all exclusive collection of stamps, watches or jewelry that you want to keep protected from thieves, fire and getting lost.

This size is perfect for a small business operation. It gives plenty of room and protection. 

Key Features

Insurance Rating Cash$4,000
Insurance Rating Valuables$40,000
ShelvesOne adjustable shelf
ConstructionDouble walled body
 Double walled door
AiS ApprovedYes
ColorGrey Body / Light Grey Door
Locking MethodKey


Outside Dimensions in inches (hxwxd)32.8 x 19.8 x 17.8
Inside Dimensions in inches (hxwxd)27.8 x 15.2 x 11.9
Volume (cubic inches)4760 cubic inches
Weight (lbs)244.8 lbs
Door Opening in inches (hxw)27.8 x 13

Pricing subject to change. Product expected to ship end of 2018.