To secure valuables/goods of medium value or at an average risk of theft.
Keyed Alike Weather Resistant Laminated Steel Padlock

Keyed Alike Weather Resistant Laminated Steel Padlock

Code: 41_40KA


Shackle Height:
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Product Description


ABUS is the premier padlock manufacturer worldwide. These locks are made in Germany. High-quality workmanship all around. These people love padlocks (hard to understand, I know).

These locks are EXCLUSIVE. They have a keyway that is not sold by any other reseller or ABUS itself in the USA. That means that no one can just walk up to a Walmart or Locksmith and have a replacement key made without your knowledge. Every Key has the same number engraved on it. If you give us this number we can always provide replacement keys or more locks - exclusive to you!


We will never sell the same key into the same zip code. Many distributors will buy 1,000 locks and sell them in small sets to all their customers...including your neighbors and the people you want to keep out.! We will _never_ do that. Please message us your zip code for keeping you safe in your area! If you do not specify a zip code we will use the shipping zip code.

Every Key has the same number engraved on it. If you give us this number we can always provide replacement keys or more locks - exclusive to you!

Key control is the biggest problem when it comes to locks, so having the peace of mind that no one can just get a replacement key made at the local hardware store is huge and will save a lot of $$$ down the road, when you do not have to throw your locks away because you lost track of who has a key.

You are buying high-security features at a commodity price!

Here are the best features:

  • Laminated steel with ETERNA™ coating on each laminate for extreme corrosion resistance
  • ETERNA™: Non-hazardous, cadmium-free plating
  • Rivets concentrated in the outer laminates to protect the rivet heads from being chipped off (even if they are chipped off the laminates remain pressed together)
  • Hardened steel shackle
  • High-precision 5-pin tumbler, drilling and pulling protected [most other locks only have a 4-pin cylinder, exposing you to picking and raking attacks)


Outside dimensions for each lock (see pictures to locate the dimensions of the lock):

Level: 6

Depth e: 1"

Height f: 2 1/2"

Horizontal clearance b: 3/4"

Shackle diameter d: 1/4"

Vertical clearance c: 4/5"

Weight [lbs]: 0.47 lbs

Width a: 1 3/4"

Some more in-depth information for the security buff:

Weather Resistance

The ABUS 41 series padlock is a very weather resistant lock. Whereas it can be used indoors and outdoors, it really shines when it is protecting your shed, trailer or gate outside. 

We have seen the lock tested in a salt spray chamber test. A salt spray chamber is basically a plexiglass box where the locks are constantly sprayed with salt water, which is extremely corrosive. One day in the salt spray chamber is usually equated to a full year of use outdoors. So, if you live close to the coast, a body of water or in a climate where it rains and snows this lock is a good choice. The rain in urban environments is acidic and aggressive these days, which makes a weather resistant padlock desirable for just about everyone.

Why is rust a problem?

Rust on a padlock is usually only a problem because the resulting sludge drips into the lock, blocking the springs and pins, making the padlock unusable. Aesthetics also play a role for some people. 

Freezing weather conditions

The ABUS 41 series will still freeze up in the winter - So does every padlock we have ever tested. The problem is that the air has moisture that condensates on the cold metal inside of the lock and freezes the pins in the cylinder. No matter what kind of weather protective plastic cover there is on the lock, it will freeze if exposed to very cold weather. 

Moisture will creep into the lock and freeze the pins. The best thing to do in that case is either use a torch to heat the lock (remove the plastic bumper first) or use anti-freeze. After using any anti-freeze spray make sure to put some lube back in the lock to keep it usable since anti-freeze is very aggressive and can corrode the pins and springs over time.


The padlock also sports a 5-pin cylinder. That is one more pin than most laminated steel padlocks. That makes the lock more pick resistant than other laminated steel padlocks and provides more key changes. Key changes are the number of different keys that can be made for any given lock. A true change key is only achieved if one key can only open one padlock and not another. Otherwise, there is a phenomenon called cross keying, where even though the keys are cut differently they still open the other lock because they are too similar. That is due to low precision in manufacturing or differences that are too small between keys. 

Shackle Sizes

The 1.5” shackle works best if you have a bigger chain or cable that you have to put the padlock on. You always want to have the shortest shackle possible to make attacks with bolt cutters as difficult as possible. If the attacker needs to get into an awkward angle in order to use tools like bolt cutters, they can often only use a quarter to half the force that they could apply in a comfortable stance, maybe even using the ground as leverage.


We recommend different colors for different functions. So, if you want one set of keyed alike padlocks to lock up your perimeter and another set to secure all of your tools and storage units, then it is best to actually get different color locks. That way it will be easy for your staff to identify what key works where.


The rivets are pressed into the lock by many tons of force. So instead of a tumbling rivet machine just building out the rivet head, the rivet gets compressed aggressivley. This leads to the rivets being pressed into the spaces between the laminates that the rivets hold together. The result is that it is not enough to shear off the rivet heads in order to dissassemble the lock. It takes a lot of prying to even cut loose a single laminate. It is not fun and requires power tools. I have tried it in the name of science, but it certainly will not be a way that this lock will be successfully attacked.

For our customers in California: Please observe the proposition 65 warning for this product: WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defect or other reproductive harm.