ABUS Granit Padlock, Made in Germany CLEARANCE SALE

ABUS Granit Padlock, Made in Germany CLEARANCE SALE

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$59.90 $26.96


Product Description

This padlock can be used for any application. It has a particluarly wide body and makes it easy to lock chains together or if you have a gap in your latch. The look is extremely cut and pick resistant. With its hardened steel body it will withstand pulling and hammer attacks as well as the daily abuse of use for many years to come.

MSRP: 59.90

Main Features:
  • Hardened Hex Steel Shackle made out of a special molybdenum alloy for extra strength
  • Double ball locking mechanism
  • Thousands of key differs thank s to a high precision 5-pin cylinder
  • Comes with a handy pouch to store lock in to keep everything else clean in your bag/satchel
  • Lock has a synthetiic cover of the body to avoid scratches to your euqipment.
  • Made in Germany
  • Lifetime warranty by ABUS
Language on packaging is french and dutch, but it secures American property just fine!