ABUS HASP 130/180 -  High Security 6-1/8" Iron Hasp

ABUS HASP 130/180 - High Security 6-1/8" Iron Hasp

Code: ABUS-HASP-130



Product Description

Designed for doors closing flush. In other words door leaf and door frame are level when the door or gate is closed. 

If you need a corner solution or the frame and door/gate do not line up flush, please choose the 140/190 version with a double joint for more flexibility.
  • Secure with a padlock, best suited for High Security Padlocks, due to the high security nature of this hasp. Security is only as strong as its weakest link! We recommend a ABUS 83/55 or ABUS Granit padlock to go with it.
  • Probably the highest quality and security hasp on the market today. 
  • To secure warehouses, containers, sheds with expensive power tools or vehicles in it.
  • High protection and good corrosion resistance
  • Two hardened hinge pins
  • Tough white heart malleable iron
  • Hardened staple
  • Including coach bolts and back plate. The back plate will prevent the hasp from being ripped from the door and frame.
  • Hidden screws
  • Made in Germany

Hole Diameter:35/64" suitable for High Security Padlocks