ABUS 83/50 Padlock 0-Bitted Stainless Steel Shackle

ABUS 83/50 Padlock 0-Bitted Stainless Steel Shackle

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Product Description

The ABUS 83 Series is the leading rekeyable padlock around the world today. There are several advantages for the end-user and the locksmith alike. 

Main Features of the lock:
  • Lock is made out of chrome plated brass
  • Stainless Steel shackle with 3/8" diameter for awesome corrosion and decent cutting resistance.
  • Cylinders are chrome plated for superior corrosion resistance
  • Cylinder Cover/bumper is available. That helps keeping your equipment scratch free.

Advantages for locksmiths:
  • Pinning Window
    • A pin can be quickly suppressed and the core rotated to the pinning window. That allows for extremely quick dumping of the pins and re-pinning it. We have seen people pin a padlock in 10 seconds from the start to finish. The pinning window makes it much easier to insert the bottom pins. No follower necessary!
  • 6th chamber access
    • The 5-pin cylinder can be turned quickly into a 6-pin, by adding the spring and top pin to the cylinder. That makes it much easier for the locksmith to cover those rare occasions where a 6 pin Schlage, Kwikset, Weiser etc. is required.
  • Quick shackle change feature
    • The shackle can be changed in seconds with a quick shackle change tool or slightly modified screw driver
  • Z-bar
    • Finally the Z-bar is symmetrical. If you add the Z-bar into the lock, the lock becomes key-retaining. Without the Z-Bar the lock is non key-retaining.
  • Most versatility - lowest stock with maximum applications
    • You can use any shackle for this lock, may it be brass, stainless steel shackle, or hardened shackle with nano-protect coating. You can use the same shackles for the SFIC (small format interchangeable core) version, aluminum body version, and shrouded shackle version as long as the shackle diameter is 5/16" and it is not the weather protect series.
  • Works with your standard lab pins
  • Works with most KiK or KiL cylinders with the adapter, which basically enables this padlock to work with any commercial locking solution. Purchase the KiK adapters separately or just add them to the lock.
  • Keyways: all cylinders contain one key blank except for the EVER keyway

Advantages for the end user:
  • The ball bearing locking mechanism that provides a very high pulling resistance. That means that it will be very difficult for any attacker to pull or lever the shackle open.
  • The ABUS 83/50 has a 3/8" shackle diameter, which provides decent cutting resistance even with stainless steel shackles. If you need extremely high cutting resistance it is better to look at the hardened steel shackles. Stainless steel shackles are more durable than brass, but less strong than hardened steel shackles.
  • The lock can be rekeyed as many times as necessary. That saves money in case that a facility needs to be rekeyed or the lock needs to be used somewhere else. 
  • ABUS 83/45 has been in use for over 20 years now. The series 2 has been in the market for well over 5 years with hundreds of thousands of units sold. That also means it has been tested by users and thieves alike for many years. All the kinks are worked out and the user can trust that there are no vulnerabilities to easily exploit.
  • Designed with the commercial and industrial customer in mind, the lock is designed very sturdy with great corrosion resistance and can take a beating.
  • Stainless Steel Shackle provides extremely good corrosion and chemical resistance, but it is much softer than the hardened steel shackle. The cutting resistance is better than the brass shackle, but not nearly as high as the hardened steel shackle.
    • The high corrosion resistance is the main reason you would want to opt for the stainless steel shackle. Especially together with a stainless steel hasp or equipment, there will be no contact corrosion and the lock will keep very clean, even in usage close to a body of water/on boats etc.
    • Brass shackles are more corrosion resistant, however the metal is much softer, reducing the cutting resistance of the shackle. It is even more important to not use overly long shackles, if you do not need them.
  • Very durable lubrication for a long lock life
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty by ABUS to cover any production defects 

Outside dimensions for each lock (see pictures to locate the dimensions of the lock):

Width [a]: 2"

Horizontal clearance [b]: 15/16"

Vertical clearance [c]: 1" depends on the shackle height chosen

Shackle diameter [d]: 3/8"

Depth [e]: 13/16"

Height [f]: 3 1/4"

Weight [lbs]: 0.79 lbs

For our customers in California: Please observe the proposition 65 warning for this product: WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defect or other reproductive harm.