ABUS 14 KS Hardened Chain optional Sleeve, 9/16" Dia. Custom Lengths up to 43'

ABUS 14 KS Hardened Chain optional Sleeve, 9/16" Dia. Custom Lengths up to 43'

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Add a sleeve to your chain:


Product Description

Pricing is per foot. If you want to order a 15' chain, just select the quantity of 15. We will then send you a 15' chain. If you want to buy several 15' chains, please add them to your shopping cart one at a time or send us a message with your order on how you want the chain cut.

Custom lengths are available up to 43'  with or without sleeve.

The KS hardened security chain is high quality tempered steel. The cover is basically a very durable nylon tube, offering scratch protection to your equipment and to the corrosion protective plating on the chain.

Usage and suitable padlock
The 14KS is a high security chain. It will beat a cable and any other chain out there every time (except for anchor chains of cruise ships...maybe.) 
It is well suited for any gate or toy lockup. 
We recommended to use this chain with a high security padlock with a hardened steel shackle. This chain is impossible to cut by hand or pull apart. At this stage you have ruled out any criminal that does not have a grinder and a lot of time unobserved. This chain is used in highest quality motorcycle locks as well (see below for more information).

If you do not feel comfortable with the security that this chain provides, we recommend an alarm as well as a steel door with brick walls. 

We recommend the 14KS (9/16" diameter/cross section) for gates, trailers, ATVs, Motorcycles and multi purpose locking off and on the ground. Alternatively you can also use it for weight lifting.

For the cheaper security alternatives look below.

  • Security chain made of special hardened steel
  • Top security against all types of aggressive attacks
  • Fabric sleeve prevents paint work and chrome from damage
  • Chains in barrels: customized lengths available
Why is quality extremely important for hardened steel products?
The multi-stage tempering process ensures that the chain is not too hard. Hardening is a real art. Not only does the special alloy steel need to be highly controlled, but through thousands of hours the skill of the factory is honed. Timing is critical. If the chain would be hardened too long or too hot, that would make it brittle (think of glass shattering). If it is not hardened enough, it will be soft like the chain you can buy at your local hardware store. Rigorous quality assurance processes for incoming and outgoing product is essential. 

We have personally seen and performed Rockwell testing and it very important to be diligent with every batch. That is why you do not want to go the cheap route, you would be better off just buying the cheap soft chain from the hardware store.

ABUS is one of the biggest bike security manufacturers in the world, and their bike chain comes from the same factory, securing everything from a kids bike to a $50,000 Custom Harley Davidson. 

  • We recommend the 10KS (3/8" diameter/cross section) for gates and multi purpose locking off the ground. Without the leverage of the ground, it is virtually impossible to cut even with 5' bolt cutters. 
  • If you want to deter most thieves and can need to save some money or weight, we recommend the 12KS with the 1/2" hardened steel.